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This is What Makes Us

This Summer, Tokyo (Japan) will be hosting the 2020 Olympics.  Athletes from around the world are currently preparing and training to be the best they can be.    Team GB are no different, and their motto of “this is what makes us” hints at the dedication and commitment the sports men and women give to their training regimes.  Intense training regimes at higher altitudes has encouraged the GB rowing team to develop greater strength and stamina.  The training plan is so intense, the athletes need 8,000 calories a day and breakfast includes SIX poached eggs, EIGHT pieces of toast, porridge and cereal.  The athletes’ training has also included developing psychological strength, to visualise success and to not allow past disappointments and failures hold them back.  Rest days are factored into the regimes to give the body chance to recover. Unpaid Carers sometimes express that supporting a family member of a friend in need of care feels like a marathon at times.  The physical demands

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